Settling into Aussie Life

G’day from Down Under, I have come to the end of my first week in Oz. Last Wednesday I departed from Heathrow and started my adventure. This was my first long haul flight and it’s safe to say it’s definitely not something I fancy doing alone again! It’s tough when you’re alone and have no... Continue Reading →

Travel Necessities

Whether it's a few days away or months of travelling, I strongly believe you can't go wrong with these travel necessities. Suitcase and Hand Luggage About a month ago I purchased the most beautiful suitcase and hand luggage case (I say purchased, it was more a gift from my Mum - she da the best).... Continue Reading →

August Bank Holiday

Did someone say 4 day weekend? Yes please!! I love a Bank Holiday as much as the next person.. especially when I book the Friday off work as well. Saturday, Tom and myself decided to go on a bit of an adventure in London. I've always felt very fortunate that I only live a 30... Continue Reading →

A Little Escape Time

So one of my favourite places to go at the moment (more so when the weathers nice) is Marconi Sailing Club. My Dad joined the club 5 years ago, and introduced me to this whole other world. My brother and dad sailed when they were younger, but it all came to a stop by the... Continue Reading →

Making My Way Down Under

The flight is booked. The decision has been made. I will be going to Australia for 4 weeks in October.. AHHHH! I don't know if I'm filled with excitement or fear... or maybe both? This has been something I've been dreaming about since I was 12 years old, and now it's finally happening. It's amazing... Continue Reading →

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