Skin Care with Clarins

When I hit my teenage years I suffered from terrible acne; paired with braces it's safe to say they weren't my finest years! All I remember is the constant daily battle I would have with my skin. Nothing ever seemed to work, I even went to my doctors and he prescribed me acne cream so... Continue Reading →


What To Do When In Rome

I can't believe it's nearly been 2 months since I went to Rome and I am only just writing this blog! Where is the year going?? So for Tom's 21st, I took him to Rome for some sightseeing and good food! When planning the trip there were the obvious things to do like the Colosseum... Continue Reading →

Take a Step Back & Breathe

This is something I so often forget to do. I get easily caught up in everything that's going on around me that I forget to take some time out and focus on me and my mental health. Acknowledging that I had anxiety was my first step to knowing how to deal with it. It helped... Continue Reading →

My 2018 Goals.

Hello my lovelies, Yes I realise it is nearly the end of January and I'm only just posting this blog. I have had the maddest two months with some big changes in my life and haven't had the chance to sit and write this. You know how it is.. To catch you all up on... Continue Reading →

The Last Leg; Part 2

Yay, the final instalment of the trip! This blog will cover my final week of exploring Australia. It's been so great to write my journey, I get relive all those amazing experiences. Saturday was a girls day! My cousins, aunt and I headed to Phillip Island for the afternoon/evening. Our first stop on the journey... Continue Reading →

The Last Leg; Part 1

From Sydney back to Melbourne... The final part of the trip! My last week and a half in Melbourne was relatively chilled. I spent most my days on the beach soaking up the glorious weather that decided to greet me when I got back from Sydney. I knew going October/November the time meant that the... Continue Reading →

My Week as a Backpacker

Next stop after Sydney was Cairns, I managed to cover 2 states in 10 days! This would be my first time in Australia completely alone and I was definitely apprehensive about how it would be, especially as I would be staying in a hostel for the first time. I had 3 full days to spend... Continue Reading →

A Weekend in Sydney

´╗┐My intention of blogging whilst away didn't go to plan, so my next few blogs will be coming over the next couple of weeks! I flew to Sydney with my aunt for a long weekend. After the relaxed vibe from Melbourne, Sydney was definitely a change! We stayed at the Sheraton on the Park which... Continue Reading →

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