The Last Leg; Part 2

Yay, the final instalment of the trip! This blog will cover my final week of exploring Australia. It’s been so great to write my journey, I get relive all those amazing experiences.

Saturday was a girls day! My cousins, aunt and I headed to Phillip Island for the afternoon/evening. Our first stop on the journey was a shop called Beand which sold Salted Caramel Fudge and it was the best thing ever! Then we headed over the bridge onto Phillip Island, making our way to Smiths Beach for the girls to do some body boarding. It was such beautiful weather and I enjoyed just taking some time to soak up the sun whilst the girls had fun in the sea.

Phillip Island is famous for penguins. So obviously, we had got tickets to go to the Penguin Parade, and I swear I’ve never been so excited for something in my life! You get to walk around this centre looking at all these different exhibits about penguins, then as the sun starts to set, you make your way out to the viewing area. We managed to get a spot on the beach, all the seating is barriered off so you can’t disturb the penguins. The whole area is based on an Aboriginal Cultural Site, and the guides give you lots of history whilst you wait for the sun to completely set. Then slowly, these rafts of Little Penguins begin to emerge from the sea. You’re not allowed to take any pictures to protect the penguins, but it is the most incredible, moving thing I’ve ever seen, and a must do when in Melbourne!!

I’ve always wanted to do a Skydive, and what better place to check of that bucket list item than in Australia!! Oh-my-goodness, if you ever do one mental, insane, adrenaline fuelled, crazy experience… then you have to do a skydive. It was the most amazingly insane thing I’ve ever done! I booked it through Skydive Australia which have different bases around Oz, I chose the one in St Kilda. The whole process was so easy and the staff could not have been more helpful or more reassuring. I’d never done anything like this, and it was until the plane took off that I fully realised what I was about to do. Jumping out of a plane at 14,000 ft over St Kilda Harbour is definitely something I will never, ever, in a million years forget!

As my days came to an end, I decided to spend one back in the city, exploring anything I missed. I headed straight for the Shrine Of Remembrance as recommended by my family. Australia definitely know how to celebrate their history in the most wonderful way. The building was breath taking, you couldn’t miss it for the world. It’s laid out so simply so you can just wonder round the museum looking at all the different exhibits. Even outside the building there are so many different elements and you get wonderful views of the city from the very top. From there I headed to the Royal Botanical Gardens where I spent most my afternoon soaking up the sun and catching up on some reading. I treated myself to a Cream Tea in the café overlooking the lake. Fortunately I had gorgeous weather which just made the plants look more vibrant and pretty!

That evening we headed to Mordialloc and went to Yo My Goodness which is a frozen yoghurt shop (another must visit). We then headed to the pier to watch the sunset, something I miss probably the most about my time in Australia! My final meal was at SunnyBoy, a newly opened restaurant in Mordialloc with a beautiful view of the sunset.

Overall my time in Australia was incredible. I had the most amazing experiences, things I will never ever forget. My only regret was doing it alone, even though I had family, I wish I had done it all with someone. I know I am definitely going back, and when I do, I will take Tom and show him all the wonderful things I did. If you ever get the opportunity to go I would highly recommend it. The people are the nicest I ever met and the culture is so laid back and relaxed. I can definitely see myself retiring there one day! This trip gave me the chance to check off the majority of my bucket list and do something I have longed to do since I was 12 years old. If there is anything in your life you are longing to do or see, then you have to do it. Never let life stop you!

I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Hopefully its given you some ideas of things to do if you have an upcoming trip, or maybe its inspired you to go there!

Love, Sophie




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