The Last Leg; Part 1

From Sydney back to Melbourne… The final part of the trip!

My last week and a half in Melbourne was relatively chilled. I spent most my days on the beach soaking up the glorious weather that decided to greet me when I got back from Sydney. I knew going October/November the time meant that the weather wouldn’t be it’s best, and I accepted that, but I was definitely glad when it hit the early 30’s!

There are some fab beaches is Melbourne, my favourite was Aspendale/Mordialloc. All the beaches merge into one so you could walk for 30 minutes and cover 5 different beaches without leaving the sand. They were lovely sand and quiet during the day, and in the evening you got the most amazing view for the sunset!

I landed back in Melbourne on the Saturday, and on the Sunday my family drove me down to Yarra Valley.. Wine Region! We visited 3 different winery’s and I would absolutely suggest all of them for different reasons…

  1. Chandon Winery – beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL views. They honestly look like something off a postcard. If you love photography this is definitely a place to visit!
  2. Rochford Winery – not the best views, but has a great shop to get all sorts of pressies for family. I could have bought so much chocolate and honeycomb! This is where my aunt and I did a wine tasting. It cost $5 per person and you got to taste 5 different wines that you chose from a list. I’d never done wine tasting before and loved that the choices were in my hand, I could pick what I wanted which helps when I don’t like red wine. My favourite was the dessert wine which I got a bottle of.
  3. Killara Estate – I have decided this is my dream wedding venue! The whole estate is just stunning. We went here for lunch and I could have spent the whole day looking out over the winery drinking. There’s a little gazebo outside that they use for weddings and I was just completely sold on getting married there. It’s definitely a great place to go for a chilled lunch.

On the Monday night I decided to book up The Great Ocean Road tour for the next day. It’s such a typical touristy thing and I was so excited to do it! It was an early start and I had to head into St Kilda to be picked up by the tour bus. The buses were nice and small, holding 23 people. Some might say that’s too many, but it gave the group a bit of character and you get the chance to meet so many new people.

Our tour guide Adrean was great, giving us lots of facts as we drove along and making the journey a bit more exciting. We stopped at Point Addis which is stunning, the views are just breath taking! There were 2 paths for you to go and explore, seeing everything from different perspectives. Next stop was Lorne, which is a lovely sea front town. All I can keep saying about The Great Ocean Road trip is that every destination was just beautiful and I cannot recommend doing it enough!

My three absolute favourite places were Kennett River, it’s a little caravan park that is home to lots of wild koala bears that just chill in the trees! Also, there are hundreds or Lorikeets and Cockatoos around, they all just land on your head or shoulders and chill. It’s just a surreal experience. My other favourite was Maits Rest Rainforest, you get to explore the Otway Rainforest and it gives you the best photo opps. One of the girls and I kept falling behind the group because we kept stopping to get pictures! Finally, we visited Lock Ard Cove. You walk down these steps to a beach that is completely hidden by cliff faces. In the distant, two cliff faces nearly meet, leaving this gap that leads out to the ocean. It’s just a beautiful, secluded beach that has a brilliant story behind. You’ll have to go on the tour to find it out though…

Part of the Tour includes visiting the 12 Apostles. This is something I have always wanted to do when planning my trip to Australia, and if I’m entirely honest, it was very anti-climatic. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it just didn’t like up to my expectations. They were great to see, even if there were only 9 left, but I can’t say they were as incredible as I thought they would be. Ultimately they are just rocks standing in the ocean.. This may be an unpopular opinion, but it’s my honest one.


I got up to so much, so have split my last few weeks into two blogs. Check out part 2 for more exciting adventures!

Love, Sophie



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