Settling into Aussie Life

G’day from Down Under,

I have come to the end of my first week in Oz. Last Wednesday I departed from Heathrow and started my adventure. This was my first long haul flight and it’s safe to say it’s definitely not something I fancy doing alone again! It’s tough when you’re alone and have no one to talk to, there’s only so many films and songs I can handle.

Melbourne Airport

Flying into Hong Kong was amazing, if I’d been with someone I would have definitely considered spending a night in Hong Kong just to experience the culture. I landed in Melbourne Friday morning as was quickly whisked off to Ricketts Point for some breakfast with the family. It’s a beautiful little cafe that sits on the beach overlooking the sea.. the perfect way to start my trip and get into the swing of being an Australian!

I’ve taken walks along Aspendale Beach, Mentone to Parkdale Beach, Brighton Beach  and Sorrento Beach. Had numerous cups of tea at Ricketts Point Teahouse, Ginger Fox and Parker’s Cafe (my new favourite cafe!!); and had my first Vanilla Slice from Just Fine Food, Home to Sorrento’s Famous Vanilla Slice. I didn’t think much of it, but it’s definitely worth trying!

Brighton Beach – Australian Beach Hut
The Eagle Cable Cart
Arthur’s Seat
Mentone to Parkdale Beach

Saturday saw us visiting Arthur’s Seat. We rode the Eagle which are cable cars that go up and down the mountain. The views are stunning and it’s a great experience if you’ve never done anything like that before. On Sunday the sun was shining bright so St Kilda was the obvious place to be. Walks along the beach, lunch in the sunshine, shopping along the markets, finished with cakes at Monarchs. A cake shop that has been around since 1934.. and boy do they know how to make a cake!

It’s definitely true what they say, Melbourne can have all 4 seasons in one day. If you are planning to travel there, pack lots of light layers. You’ll go from vests to jumpers within 30 minutes! The hottest time of day tends to be around 3pm and 4pm.. this is something to be aware of when planning day trips out.

I love the relaxed atmosphere. No one is ever rushing anywhere, people always have time to stop and chat. My favourite thing is to people watch and I especially love doing it here, it’s as though everyone is best friends with one another. All my encounters with Australians have been friendly and welcoming, they treat you as though they’ve known you for years!

When I ventured into the city, I was surprised by the calmness it had. London is always so chaotic and noisy, horns beeping and masses of people everywhere you go. It’s nice not to feel cramped and surrounded, it’s so much easier to enjoy the sights. I would absolutely recommend the Eureka Sky Deck which sits on the Southbank. You have a 360 degree view of Melbourne and the views are just incredible! I also did The Edge. You stand in a glass cube and it suspends you 300 meters in the air with nothing underneath you; just 4cm of glass between you and a very large drop!!

Melbourne City
Melbourne from Eureka Sky Deck

If culture is what your prefer then you must visit the Immigration Museum. I would allocate about 1hr 15 to allow you to get round and really make the most of the exhibitions. It’s so informative and done brilliantly, fun for all the family!

I head off to Sydney on Friday and then Cairns on the Tuesday. Can’t wait to update you all on the fun things I get up to!

If you could travel anywhere in the world.. where would you go?

Love, Sophie                                                             xxx

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