Travel Necessities

Whether it’s a few days away or months of travelling, I strongly believe you can’t go wrong with these travel necessities.

Suitcase and Hand Luggage

About a month ago I purchased the most beautiful suitcase and hand luggage case (I say purchased, it was more a gift from my Mum – she da the best). Which may I add is the most stressful job I’ve ever had to do! I know I touched on this in my previous blog Travelling Checklist – A Basic Guide, however I cannot stress the importance of making sure you have the correct luggage for the trip you are taking. Whether it’s a suitcase, rucksack or just some hand luggage, always, always check the size!!

‘Over the Shoulder’ Bag

As much as I love a big bag when I’m shopping, as soon as I go abroad I always choose an across the body bag. You can never go wrong with a shoulder bag. My biggest fear, especially when I’m abroad, is someone stealing it. I couldn’t bare the thought of losing everything! For some reason, a shoulder bag always feels more secure. I can keep good hold of it whilst still being able to enjoy the activities and get involved in what’s going on.


Room Spray

I think this is more of a necessity for backpackers staying in hostels or anyone sleeping in close quarters. Not only is it good for rooms, but it can also be used for your luggage if it starts to smell a bit.

Sunglasses and Flip Flops

Yes, I know you can always buy these at the airport or even when you’re abroad. But they are definitely two items I couldn’t travel without. Even if I’m going to the coldest country! I am an awful squinter when it’s sunny and sunglasses just make me feel much more at ease. Plus, when it’s not sunny, they’re good for keeping my hair out my face. Always have a cheap pair of flip flops. I refuse to go barefoot in public showers so flip flops are my saviours!!


Plasters and Pain Relief

I am the worlds worst for remembering pain relief. It’s something I always use, but fail to take out with me, even on day trips. Plasters will always come in handy especially if you’re doing a lot of walking and are at risk of getting blisters.

Notebook and Pen

Whether it’s dates, locations or memories you want to jot down, you should always have a notebook and pen to hand! If nothing else, always have a pen to hand, you never know when you’re going to need one.


Mouthwash, Deodorant and Wipes

A very basic wash kit, but I believe they are the most important toiletries. You can’t always guarantee when you’ll be near running water, but wipes mean you can keep yourself reasonably clean and mouthwash will keep you smelling minty fresh, even though you haven’t brushed your teeth. They come in handy on the plane as well, so I always keep them in my hand luggage.

What are those important items you can never travel without?

Love, Sophie


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