Travelling Checklist – A Basic Guide

With my big trip ahead of me.. Yes 4 weeks is a big trip for me! I thought I would use this opportunity to highlight those key things that we can sometimes forget in the excitement of planning a trip!

To try and settle my nerves I create lists. I LOVE stationary and so planning this trip was the perfect excuse to buy a new notebook, or 3!! My grey notebook is my planner, inside is everything I’ve booked e.g. flights, insurance, visas, and the dates that I booked them. I also jot down anything I think of that relates to this trip, whether it be places to visit, things to buy, important documents to secure. Everything goes into the notebook. I’ve also colour coded it so I know what it relates to. I also have 2 other notebooks I plan to take with me to keep a log of everything I do and any tickets or leaflets I collect on my way.

  • Check your Passport – the first and most important thing you need to do when planning a trip is check your passport date. It will be worth checking how long it’s valid for, just to know you’ll be able to get back home!
  • Flights (obviously) – but this focuses more on those internal flights, if you plan on travelling to more than one place in the country, or to more than one country.
  • Train/Bus Tickets – if you decide to travel the country via train/bus, make sure you have up to date timetables and get those tickets booked!
  • Insurance – something so important yet can be forgotten so easily! It’s one thing to forget it when you’re going to France for a week. But if you decide to travel to Bangkok without insurance, you may find yourself in big trouble.
  • Travel Visa – no matter the length of your trip. Always, always, always check about Visa’s. Make sure you give yourself enough time to apply, try and do it at least 3 months in advance at the latest. Just in case there are any problems with your application.
  • Adaptors – yes, I know this may sound obvious to most, but I always, always forget about adaptors. They’re such a small item and easily get forgotten about.. normally until I get to the airport. Make sure you check what kind of adaptor you need for where you’re travelling to.
  • Cash/Card – I don’t tend to go abroad much, but when I do I always carry cash with me. For some reason, I feel safer to have cash than I do a card. It allows me to take smaller amounts out the hotel, and leave the rest locked in a safe, so if it gets stolen, I haven’t lost it all! But for longer trips, I definitely would contemplate a pre-paid card. There are so many different kinds, some incur charges, but it is always worth checking out. I found a website called Money really helpful when comparing cards.
  • Check your Suitcase/Rucksack Size – I have a standard sized suitcase which I though would be plenty big enough for 30kg and 4 weeks in Australia.. boy was I wrong! Turns out my suitcase wouldn’t even come close to hold 30kg of luggage!! Only after someone had pointed the obvious out to me, did I realise how true that was.. I mean, where were all my shoes meant to go?! So it is definitely worth talking to someone who works in a luggage shop to check how much your suitcase or rucksack can hold! 

Now this isn’t everything you need, obviously, but it’s just those key things that can sometimes slip your mind or be last on the list. When I booked this trip, one of my first thoughts was “What clothes am I going to take?”. It was only after I spoke to other people, that I realised there were probably more important things to think about first!

There’s a fab website called Travels’ Checklist, you can select your gender, where you’re travelling to, the activities you will be doing etc. and it creates a checklist for you. Easy peasy!

I hope you find this helpful when you start to plan your travels. What are your travel checklist tips?

Love, Sophie

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